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Issue No.114
23 November 2017


Do you have skills and enthusiasm to offer magnet?

At the heart of magnet is a group of volunteer editors who work behind the scenes to bring you this wonderful magazine. 

Interested in joining our team? You'll work hard, but you'll be richly rewarded. We're not looking for experts - we work collaboratively as a group and each bring different things to the mix. You'll need to give time and enthusiasm (working patterns will vary as to the time of year and the issue you're working on). You'll have an eagerness to learn and the humility essential to being part of a team.

Listening skills are a must! There will be occasional meetings with fellow editors and a residential in November, which is when the team spends time together and all the ideas start flowing. All expenses are paid.

Two of our current volunteers explain more:


Ann Barlow

Ann BarlowI saw the ad for volunteer editors just at the right time - I was about to take early retirement from a busy full-time job and I knew that I'd need something to keep my brain alive. It's certainly done that.

  • Working with an enthusiastic team to gather ideas for issues 
  • Approaching friends and strangers to write articles 
  • Finding vibrant and inspirational artwork 
  • Liaising with talented and professional designers

Those are the things that add up to sheer excitement when the finished published version falls through the letter box.

It's not without its challenges.

  • Proof reading needs eagle eyes
  • Technology has a mind of its own
  • Deadlines lead to nail-biting 

But when I pass the magazine on to someone who's never seen it before and they say 'this is great', I'm so proud that I can say 'I helped to put it together'.

That ad was meant to be.


Barbara Garwood

Barbara GarwoodBeing a magnet editor means being involved. Right from the start editors are encouraged to suggest articles for a future issue, and generally find themselves communicating with people they'd never dreamt they'd be in touch with. It can be hard work - but it's also very satisfying, especially recognising the impact an issue might have on the lives of readers.

The team-working method of enabling new editors to learn by experience is quite unique. From learning how to find an image to illustrate an article to how to write an editorial - there's always someone on hand to help. Suddenly you discover that you've learnt a whole new set of creative skills. The breadth of topics included in magnet mean that it's impossible to ignore what's happening in the world - both in religious and secular life. It's fun and has resulted in new friendships.


The experience of being a magnet editor


Making new friends from different backgrounds and geographical locations.
Mind and soul  - working with magnet helps deepen spirituality and widens the editors' views of the world.


Adding to personal knowledge with friendly help from the rest of the team - from 'how to' write an editorial to 'how to' find an image to illustrate an article.


Getting involved: From proposing suggestions for articles to making contact on behalf of magnet - often communicating with people you might never dream you'd be in touch with.
Getting creative: Discovering latent creative skills.


Nurture: The magnet method of enabling new editors to learn by experience is quite unique.


Experience  - with a capital E!  Yes, it's hard work on occasion but immensely satisfying when another issue gets to publication date, with the input of the whole team.
Enjoyment: There's a lot of laughter involved.


Team working: Supporting each other and sharing personal resources. Learning to understand other people's viewpoints.
Training: Discovering that suddenly you've learnt a whole set of new skills.


If you're interested in volunteering please contact us via email:


Magnet Team

Some of the magnet team at a recent residential