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Editorial Coordinator at magnet magazine


Do you have a love for good storytelling and a passion for art and design?

Magnet is looking to a hire an Editorial Coordinator to work on this inspirational magazine, and who can guide our team of volunteers to create great editorial content.

The Editorial Coordinator’s role is to manage and assist the volunteer editors of magnet. This ranges from managing schedules, pastoral issues, training, to giving editorial advice and support to new editors. You will be helping to create three issues a year and this role is flexible and ideal for someone looking to work from home.

This role starts November 1st and candidates will need to be available for our annual conference 5-7th November in Manchester.

This role is 20hrs per month, at £18 per hour, working from home.

You will need internet access and on occasions may need to speak with team members over the phone.

Travel expenses and home office expenses of paper and ink are covered.


The role is responsive and can vary from issue to issue, depending of the level of experience of the editors and the content of each issue. The Editorial Coordinator will ensure the editorial team have what they need to ensure each issue of magnet is the best it can be and gets to print on time.

The ideal candidate will:

  • have excellent people skills with a sensitive and caring approach to pastoral care
  • have previous editorial experience either in a professional or volunteer context
  • be very creative with an interest in art and poetry

The main points of the role:

  • liaising with editors, contributors and designers to ensure the timely delivery of three issued of magnet per year
  • to work with the Managing Editor to ensure that deadlines for delivery are kept and that print-ready files are delivered on time to meet scheduled delivery dates
  • to organise and chair the annual residential meeting and attend design meetings three times a year

To achieve this will require the following:

  • training new editors
  • keeping guidelines, house style, etc. as up to date and clear as possible and ensuring that editors adhere to them
  • seeking copyright permissions for images and words
  • assisting the Managing Editor in hiring new editors and communicating with the volunteer editors
  • maintaining online Dropbox archives and resources for each issue
  • keeping in good contact with the volunteers, to be aware of difficulties editors are experiencing and helping/encouraging as needed
  • be ready to take a role in the editorial process if the need arises



Closing date for applications: 16th September

Interviews in early October.

Please send CVs and covering letters to the Managing Editor of magnet, Anna Lawrence,


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