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Issue No.117
17 December 2018

Extra Resources 111

Three of the wonderful artists in this issue share their inspiration


Fr Rory Geoghegan: The Greeting (p.9)

In making this sculpture I wanted to enter into the intimacy of the two pregnant women. The space between them is womb-like, the two 'boys' interact in an ecstatic leap of joy. Elizabeth clings in awe to the mother of her Lord, and Mary cries out the mysterious prophetic utterances of the Magnificat; "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my Spirit exalts in God my Saviour." Luke 1:39-48

This sculpture is found at St Beuno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Denbighshire, Wales.



John Stuart: No room at the inn (p.21)

I am a Scottish pastor, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, who is now pastoring Erin Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. I started drawing for church kids years ago in order to tell stories from the Bible. Over time, I created artwork for special events, worship programs, and bulletins. This has now developed into an art service that is available for churches all over the world. My artwork has been exhibited in many churches and places, so I spread the Good News through the gifts God has given me. You can view my latest works at my website: w: tw:@stushie57


Melody Hawtin: We shall meet him in the air, oil and gold leaf (pp.22-23)

Revelation in the Bible speaks so personally about Jesus. In chapter 1, verse 17 it says, 'Then he placed his right hand on me and said… "I am the living One, I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!" ' Yes, Jesus is alive, and personal, so much he touches us! And One day he will return. This painting was painted during one of the worst years of my life reminding me of how one day Jesus will return to Earth and we shall meet him in the air and we shall be like him. I painted layer by layer, in him I found hope. I found comfort, and the very presence of The Holy Spirit with me. Often as I am painting colours come into my mind and as I listen to my worship music I pray for the people receiving the picture. Often tears run down as I paint, touched as I am by The Holy Spirit.

People come to my studio and say they have had a spiritual encounter as they look at the paintings through the window. It is then I pray for them and explain my motivation. Through my career I have been so amazed as I lead others to know my saviour. Art is a mission tool relevant for contemporary society.

Melody Art, High Street, Porlock,TA24 8PU

w: fb: tw: @MelodyArtExmoor


All creatures of our God and King (pp.26-27): Animal Quiz

1. What does a tadpole grow into?

Answer: a frog

2. What is the name of a group of tigers?

Answer: an ambush

3. What is a female elephant called?

Answer: A Cow

4. Who is known as the 'King of the Jungle'?

Answer: The lion

5. What is the fastest land animal?

Answer: The cheetah

6. Is a shark a fish or a mammal?

Answer: A fish

7. What is the main food of a Giant Panda?

Answer: Bamboo

8. What is the most popular purebred cat?

Answer: Persian

9. If an animal is piebald what does it mean?

Answer: It's spotted

10. Where do golden hamsters live in the wild?

Answer: Syria, Middle East


Nurturing a Learning Church (pp.28-27): Psychological Type Theory

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) described in the article is one of many instruments which can be used to gain an understanding of individual preferences.

More information about the MBTI can be found at


An alternative approach to individual difference is offered by learning styles theory which identifies four preferences in terms of approaches to learning:

Visual; Aural; Read/write; Kinesthetic offers a questionnaire for exploring learning styles


The multiple intelligences model proposed by Howard Gardner provides yet another perspective. He identified seven types of intelligence:

Linguistic; Logical-mathematical; Musical; Bodily-Kinesthetic; Spatial-Visual; Interpersonal; Intrapersonal

More information is available at

Videos of Howard Gardner talking about the model can be seen at


The Enneagram is a commonly used model of personality which identifies nine interconnected personality types: 










For more information, see


The above are a limited selection of possible approaches to psychological types. While the identification of personality types and learning preferences can be helpful in recognising diversity and allowing individuals to flourish, it also attracts considerable criticism. In particular, labelling as a particular type can limit development and creativity. and are good starting points for exploring further theories while a Google search will identify a range of critiques.