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Issue No.117
17 December 2018

Extra Resources 109

Diverse Unity: Worship by Lucy Mills (See pages 22-23)

Suggested songs for use in worship:

Come you thankful people © Sam Hargreaves/
Find here:

As we are gathered John Daniels © 1979 Word's Spirit of Praise Music

One is the body John L Bell © 1993, WGRG, Iona Community

Lord of the Church © Timothy Dudley Smith (tune: Londonderry Air)


Growing ideas through Ketso by Ann Barlow (See page 38)

Ketso has been used by many different groups. There are seven images of Ketso at work in issue 109 - here's a bit more about each:

1. First version of Ketso, Tlholego Ecovillage, South Africa, 1995
2. Dr. Joanne Tippett, founder of Ketso, 2013
3. Climate change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa, Rodrigue Aimé Feumba, Cameroon, 2012
4. Assessing climate change resilience, Cooperative Sulá Batsú, Costa Rica, 2014
5. Neighbourhood planning, Fellside Forum, Cumbria, UK, 2010
6. Siana Women's collective - Imbirikani, Kenya, 2014
7. Communities Against Rabies Exposure, University of Glasgow, Tanzania 2015