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Issue No.117
22 January 2019

About us

magnet has existed since 1987. Originally the main resource of the Women's Network of the Methodist Church, the magazine is now produced by a team of volunteer editors from many different Christian backgrounds.

Published three times a year, in every issue of magnet  you can look forward to:

  • colourful meditation pages
  • ideas for seasonal worship 
  • inspiring articles on faith, mission and justice issues
  • a regular prayer focus and Bible study

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Let's introduce you to some of the people involved in magnet at present:

Lucy Mills

Lucy Mills joined the magnet team in 2011 and in 2014 became Editorial Co-ordinator, overseeing the editorial team and liaising with staff at Hymns Ancient and Modern. Lucy is a freelance writer and author of Forgetful Heart: Remembering God in a Distracted World  and Undivided Heart: Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ. She writes articles, poetry and prayers for a variety of publications. She is part of a Baptist church, where her husband is minister.

Alexandra Green

Alexandra Green spent twenty years as a lecturer and teacher before changing to a career as a business analyst. Having been part of the magnet editorial team since May 2013, she enjoys the creative stimulus that is fostered by the magnet team spirit. Alexandra is actively involved in her local Anglican church, and sings and plays in a local choir and orchestra.

Mariama Ifode-Blease

Mariama Ifode-Blease works as an independent Careers Consultant and Community Engagement Practitioner. She has taught Spanish at both secondary and tertiary levels, having completed her studies at St Andrews and Cambridge. Mariama very much enjoys working with and supporting children and young people, both academically and pastorally. She joined the magnet team in October 2014 and loves the aims of the magazine as well as its visual and spiritual impact. She participates in regular worship at Westminster Abbey and University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford.

Phil Williams

Phil Williams is a freelance writer and marketing communications consultant based in Cheshire. He grew up in South Wales and spent much of his adult life in Yorkshire. He is married with two daughters and juggles freelance and voluntary work. He is a town councillor and active in arts and creative writing groups across South Cheshire and North Staffordshire. He's a keen poet and won the High Sheriff's Cheshire Prize for Literature in 2013. He's currently involved with an Anglican parish and has broad ecumenical influences and sympathies.

Marilyn Spidell

Marilyn Spidell was born in Thunder Bay, Canada but has lived in the UK most of her life, apart from 10 years in Brussels. She has two grown up children and studied English and History as a mature student at the University of Hertfordshire. She grew up in the Presbyterian Church and is now a Steward at Trinity Watford Methodist church where she happily encountered magnet. She has minuted hundreds of meetings and currently does this for magnet's editorial team.


Juliet Campbell

Juliet Campbell is a Business Support Officer with children's services in the London Borough of Merton. She lives in Leatherhead, Surrey. Her father was a Methodist minister and she attended the various churches where he served. More recently she has joined the parish church in Leatherhead, but sees herself as an ecumenical Christian. Her interests are her family, serving in the church community, walking, reading, knitting and crafts. She is also a volunteer DJ on a local radio station in Surrey, once a month. She loves learning new things and is looking forward to being part of the Magnet and learning and sharing with the team.

Janice Tindale

Janice Tindale is a retired teacher who worked with children with special educational needs. She spent most of her adult life working in North Lincolnshire and also worked with VSO in Kenya and with special needs children in Oregon USA. Janice became a Lincoln Diocesan local minister and worked in her parish group for 30 years. She took responsibility for children's work as well as co-leading a house group with husband John. In 2016 they made a major move to the West Midlands in order to support their children and grandchildren. Janice enjoys long distance walking, reading and is a 'novice' water colour artist.