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Issue No.117
17 December 2018

The goodness of God’s creation

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Elizabeth Burroughs tells us about this year's Women's World Day of Prayer


'All God's creation is very good!'

THAT'S THE TITLE of the Women's World Day of Prayer service for 2018, prepared by the Christian women of Suriname. The exclamation mark is significant, I think.

This service is one of the more challenging ones we have had presented to us. And, as happens so often with WWDP services, it is also very topical. Caring for God's very good creation is hugely important and highly relevant to people of all ages and beliefs.

The World Day of Prayer is not a 'one day wonder': informed prayer (preparing the service properly beforehand) and prayerful action (doing something with our prayers afterwards) are integral parts of the movement. We have been talking to some Christian eco-charities and have put together some suggestions for actions that we can take as our response to this challenging service. You will find them on the 'Creative Ideas' page of our website w:

Women's World Day of Prayer is on Friday 2 March 2018. There will be about 5,000 events to choose from all over the UK. Details can be found locally or at w: t: 01892 541411 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland); or w: t: 01764 682234 (Scotland)

Elizabeth Burroughs is chair of the Women's World Day of Prayer National Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland