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Issue No.117
17 December 2018


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Some of the artists in magnet issue 115


John August Swanson

Psalm 85(front cover)

Los Angeles artist John August Swanson is noted for his finely detailed, brilliantly coloured paintings and original prints. His works are found in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, London's Tate Gallery, the Vatican Museum's Collection of Modern Religious Art, and the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.


Sari Shryack

Greenhouse Plants(p.19)

Sari is based in Austin, Texas. Her paintings focus on colour and light in the ever-changing neighbourhoods of her community. She is trained in acrylics and has a BA in Fine Arts.


Mike Torevell

The Stone Rolled Away (pp.24,25)

Mike has been drawing and painting since childhood. He has exhibited my artworks in many UK galleries including the Mall Galleries, London and The Harris, Preston and undertakes commissions primarily in the UK and USA in portraiture and landscapes. More recently he has focused on creating Christian artwork for churches, educational settings, and publishing organisations featuring designs for Christmas, Easter and Sacramental occasions. His style incorporates a vibrant use of colour and light in contemporary landscapes and portraiture, working in a range of media - oils, watercolour, and digital artwork. He is a contributing artist with McCrimmons (Essex, England), Fineartamerica, Printery House (Conception MO USA), and Traidcraft (UK Charity), retailers of Christian artworks products.

Mike believes that artwork can be truly inspirational and hold a transcendent, aesthetic connection with the Divine. In the eye of the beholder, works of art can reflect the beauty and wonder of God. He is a practising Roman Catholic and lives near Preston, England. He is married with two children, and three grandchildren.

There are online galleries of Mike's artwork on the following websites:


Lisa Schulist

Reflection… He is always near(p.35)

Lisa lives in the town of Holland, Michigan, and works at an Investment Advisory firm. She loves gardening, embellishing clothing, and collecting vintage papers and china. Painting is her passion.

Pallet knives, brushes, unsharpened pencils and endless bottles of paint are the tools she uses most to create her acrylic paintings; combining bold, vivid colours of glossy, matte, and metallic paints to produce a piece that draws viewers in for a closer look, beckoning them to reach out and touch its painted textures.

For the last fve years, Lisa has been offering weekly art workshops for individuals who have been incarcerated and/or involved in an addiction recovery program. She says: "This opportunity has brought me much joy, knowing that others are using art as way of enjoying their new-found sobriety and freedom and also given us all a time to connect and share while being creative!"


Steve Gamba 


Steve lives in Colorado. He describes his painting style as expressionism - Bold colour palettes and expressive brush strokes, with underlying graphic elements deconstructing the subject into organic shapes. He has a fascination with light and shadow.


Lyubov Briginets

The Burning Bush(p.41)

Lyubov lives with her family in St. Louis, Missouri and teaches Art in High School.

She says: "Christian faith defines my life and my art. I feel a special bond with the Lord, because he is the Creator and he made me one too, and it is the most wonderful gift I could ever wish for."


IMAGE  The Burning Bush © Lyubov Briginets